Students have a unique ability to participate in TASA this year!
Our student fee for TASA membership is $5. For $25 more a student can attend the conference. This comes with the opportunity to have work displayed in the One Square Foot (Student) exhibition with the chance to win either $500 or $1000.

With an opportunity to meet highly successful artists and win $500 or $1,000, as well as several meals and art workshops, this $30(total for membership and conference) fee is nominal, kept low as a service to the up-coming art community.


Our keynote speaker, Terry Allen, has made a career of multiplicity and fringe otherness, which has become mainstream applicable. Our panel discussion "Off-Center" features two Whitney Biennial 2014 artists, a Chicago gallerist/artist, and two Dallas artists/curators as they approach the insider/outsider conflicts of achievement through non-standardized approaches. We also will discuss the daunting role of media with local Dallas publicists, journalists, and reporters in "what's new on the scene?"

The conference will function as an educational summit for the serious artist, engaging a variety of high level talent and the oft dubious role of education in the arts.

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